Sedona Contracting Inc. is seeking a Finish Blade Operator with at least 5 years experience. Hourly rate starts at $22.00 per hour. Please fax your resume to 575.448.7277 or E-mail Casey@SedonaContractinginc.com. You can also apply online at www.sedonacontractinginc.com . Call 575.541.6000 with any questions you may have. Current project is located at White Sands Missile Range, Must be able to pass background check and have reliable transportation to project.


Sedona Contracting, Inc. is a forward thinking, heavy, civil and utility contractor committed to delivering the highest level of service and superior quality products to valued customers around the state of New Mexico and the southwest. We pride ourselves by adding innovation to conventional heavy construction processes by combining traditional, hand-on experience with the newest technology and inventive technologies in order to meet the continually changing needs of project requirements.  With the purpose of building great things - great teams, great projects, great relationships - Sedona Contracting, Inc is truly a great company!

Sedona Contracting, Inc. holds a strong focus on Federal projects.  We hold an esteemed reputation related to the completion of government contracts.  Additionally, the strong diversity within our workforce allows for us to complete a wide range of projects.  To learn more about our workforce, click here.

Our priority is to exceed expectations by providing the necessary expertise to initiate, direct, and complete awarded projects.  We provide a proactive and progressive approach to every project.  To see photos of our previously completed projects, click here.