Sedona Contracting Inc. utilized the Safety by Choice Program in order to promote initiatives that increase safety, while mitigating against activities that can hold detrimental consequences.  The Safety by Choice program utilizes a varied approach to safety initiatives by utilizing a key component of "why".  The program aids employees in identifying key reasons that in turn promote motivation to think safe and make safe decisions.  Identified reasons often include family members, friends, personal health, livelihood, and personal hobbies or activities.  In addition to the identification aspect, Safety by Choice also provides our craft employees with state-of-the-art construction safety training.  Through the utilization of learned training initiatives, employees who exhibit positive safety choices are immediately recognized.  Immediate recognition aids us in providing a positive safety culture and maintenance of our industry leading safety record.


A visual reminder of who is awaiting our safe return from work each day could be the difference between making the right safety choice and a careless decision that has lasting consequences.  That's the reason for the large "family boards" that are displayed at each of Sedona's job sites and offices.  They contain photos of employees' family members, friends, pets, favorite activities -- whatever it is that motivates them to stay safe and help their co-workers do the same.  Seeing the boards frequently reminds employees to think about how their choices affect themselves and their colleagues in a more personal way.

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

We understand that our work can often have a long-term impact on the environment.  Therefore, Sedona Contracting, Inc. works to consistently improve initiatives related to energy and water consumption.  We work with employees in order to create mitigation efforts to ensure water, energy, and materials are used appropriately.  We understand that we must continually work to improve our sustainability efforts and plan to continue to work to improve within the following areas:

  • Effective and efficient initatives within energy use in order to reduce total energy consumed
  • Reduction of air pollutants in order to diminish correlated impacts
  • Increasing water conservation efforts in order to reduce water usage and water resource impacts
  • Protection of the ecosystem and promotion of best practices related to land management
  • Improvement of materials management and reduction of waste generation